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We are family owned cookies business

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Production Team


Almond Bites Bandung Production team committed to ensure production process hygiene using correct facilities and tools to meet high food safety requirements.


Packaging & Distribution Team


Almond Bites Bandung Packaging and Distribution Team committed to ensure our cookies adhering to the best packaging standard along with on time delivery

About Us

We bake what we love

Almond Bites Company is a family run business established in 2019 at Bandung, West Java, Indonesia. We are specialising in high quality homemade cookies, using fresh and healthy ingredients. Our products begin with Almond Bites Crispy Crackers and AB Cookies. All are freshly baked cookies, processed with high hygiene, tight QC, and packed securely to ensure their freshness delivered to our loyal customers.

At Almond Bites Company we continuously try our own recipes to ensure everyone feel our products as a real crisp and glorious taste in each bites!

We’re in Bandung, Indonesia

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